Create your Product in 1-Click (or Almost)

We created TreUno Lab with the idea of making product creation as simple and as turnkey as possibile.

Directly from the comfort and safety of your home or your salon now you can create your product, reorder it and delegate the creation of any creative marketing material.

Our Services

Let Us do The Hard Work For You, Here is What We do



A quality product start from a professional formula that reflects, through its ingredients, the values you want to communicate.

A professional consultancy with one of our chemists is always included in our service so that he or she will create the formula based on your needs.

Just tell us what problem should the product solve, and what ingredients you would like to include.

If at the moment you don’t have any idea we can help you choose interesting formulations based on previous customers’ feedback or new market trends.


Design Support

We want to make the process of creating a product as easy as possible for you.

For this reason our designers can prepare for you all the necessary graphics for the label and packaging of your product.

All you need to so is send us your logo and we will do the rest, making sure your product will look professional and good looking.



logo creation

We believe that not having a logo cannot be a stumbling block to having your own product.

To make the process easier for you, our designers are available to create for the logo (or re-design an existing one) that will be printed on the label and packaging.

Crediamo che non avere un logo non debba essere un ostacolo alla realizzazione del proprio prodotto.

We make logos with one specific aim: capture the attention and interest of the potential customer and entice them to buy.


Packaging choice

What kind of packaging do you image for your product? What material should be box be of?

This choice affects the perception of value of the product you sell.

We will offer you several options based on your idea and budget.

In this phase you can also choose any gift package that you can sell as an upsell.


Trend analysis

The success of a product depends on how hungry is its target market.

And what’s better than finding a trend and riding its wave?

Thanks to the technology put in place by some of our partners we are able to explore the market and find ingredients or new formats that are gaining popularity.

This way you can always launch sought-out products or soon-to-be best-sellers.


marketing creation

You want to sell online but you don’t have the tools to do it?

This is why we have a team of marketers and designers for you. We can create the marketing material you need to sell online (Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads…). 

Let us create for you landing pages, copy for Facebook Ads, emails, articles and other type of creative material to turn visitors into potential customers.


Registration and Permits

Introducing a cosmetic product in the market is a serious deal, and that’s why you need our legal and professional support.

Our products are made in Italian laboratories and comply with all the necessary regulations of the Italian ministry of Health.

We will help you in the process of certifying the product for other countries where you want to export it.



Sales Boost

If you sales are rocketing and you are thinking how to increase them, we might have the solution as well.

Thanks to our experience in affiliate marketing we can provide you with consultancy to add your product to affiliate networks.

Adding your product to an affiliate network will allow you to receive free traffic, paying only for each sale the affiliates bring you.


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