Create your first beauty product directly from home!

We help marketers, online shops and entrepreneurs in the beauty and wellness industry create quality, made-in-Italy personalized cosmetic products. Add your own design, think of your formula (we can help you) and let’s create it together.

Our Products

Examples of Products You Can Create

Beauty Creams

Facial Cleansers

Face Serums


Face Masks

Body Oils

Our Turnkey Service

From Idea to Production



Our chemists will help you find the perfect formula for your idea



We make sure the product has the certifications requested by the law



Put your branding on the product or creare a brand from scratch



We create for you a top-notch design for the packaging



We suggest you which ingredents are trending right now



We provide you with several choices for the packaging



We make sure the product is shipped to your facility


Book a consultancy session with us and tell us about your project

Made in Italy

All our products are made in Italy by top-notch certified laboratories with decades of experience

We believe that eCommerce is moving towards a direction of unique and quality products. For this reason your product will be made in Italy by Italian chemists with years of experience and only the best ingredients.

A Manager Guiding Your Through the Process

We make creating a product as easily and as digital as possible

We want to make the process of creation a fun and intuitive task. For this reason one of our manager will assist you via Whatsapp or Phone through all the phases of creation, proposing you several alternatives and suggesting you how to best proceed.

Recreate Your Favourite Product

Our chemists can work on an existing formulation to re-create a product you are already successfully selling.

Why sell other people’s products giving them free publicity and margin? By creating a similar product with TreUno Lab you can save up to 50% on the purchase price. Your product will promote your brand, and not other people’s business.

Choose Your Secret Ingredient

With the help of your chemists you can create products with never before seen formulas

Avocado cream? Red caviar and gold? Adding exotic or quirk ingredients is often the key for your product’s success. Our chemists will listen to your idea and create the right recipe that combines marketing and effectiveness.

Perfect for Beauty Salons

Increase your revenues by selling Made in Italy products with your brand on it

If you are selling other companies’s products at the moment you are leaving on the table a big piece of the pie. With us you can re-create an existing product, keeping the quality intact. Save money on your purchase and decide for yourself the selling price.

Perfect for Affiliate Marketers

Ideal for people who want to create a new product free from competition and with trending ingredients

Eliminating the competition is possible. The solution is creating a proprietary product, with interesting formulation and a unique name. You choose the price and what will be your margin, without having to split it with anyone.


Average number of days between the idea and the delivery of the product


Minimum numbers of unities for an order


Average time of reply in minutes


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REA FR-200653

Mon — Fri: 9AM — 6PM


for any question or request write to [email protected]

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